Subversion #1312

David Rovics Friends and Strangers Tour

Bonus Feature Interview: David Rovics

This is a special bonus interview sedition of Subversion #1312. It features an interview I did with American singer/song writer David Rovics who is currently in so-called Australia. David is an indie/folk political sing/song...

The Lizards Return @ Arabunna Country

The Lizards Return

This show is a banger! We have an interview with Izzy Brown about BHP Billiton and their plans for the Olympic Dam uranium mine in South Australia. She also tells us all about The...

Whoopee-do Crew in the studio with Claude Anarchy Dog.

Writing Songs Changing Lives

During this sedition of Subversion #1312 we are joined in the studio by members of Brisbane’s all abilities, all inclusive Whoopee-Do Crew. Tom Smith created the Whoopee-Do Crew and it combines his passion for...

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief Artwork by Ricardo Levins Morales In this piece, people stand up against a tidal wave of environmental destruction. “Environmental justice is our cry of defiance against the onslaught of oppressive toxins and toxic oppressions that threaten to submerge our homes.” The costs of this tidal wave are borne most heavily by the poor, Indigenous people, and people of color. Air, water, and people all need protection. (Yes, this illustration is a spinoff of the famous “Great Wave” print by Japanese artist Hokusai.) #environmentaljustice #justrecovery

Mutual Aid Disaster Relief

This sedition of Subversion #1312 features an interview with Mutual Aid Disaster Relief member Jimmy Dunson.

So-called Australia is feeling the brute force of climate change. When I conducted this interview fires were and had been destroying large parts of the country, now there’s been huge destruction caused by floods.

Vomit Cabaret True Christmas

The True Story of Christmas

Radio play of The Real Story of Christmas by Bernadette le Goullon. This play was performed at the final Vomit Cabaret of 2019 @ Backbone East Brisbane Bowls Club. Also during this show we...

No WTO sign on fire

20 Years Since The Battle in Seattle

The major thing to celebrate this week was the 20th anniversary of the ‘Battle in Seattle’ protesters shut down the WTO meeting in 1999. We play a soundscape editing together from a documentary called...