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  1. singalongcol says:

    The guests on the Anarchy show toay affirmed their belief that everyone should have a right to life. Does that include the unborn? And if not, it’s a slippery slope when you make exceptions, especially based on age, dependency, and a concept that you are owned by another whose property you live on – in this case the mother. The very idea of separating out mother and child to make one the enemy of the other is a sick patriarchal capitalistic construct. The ‘right’ to kill unborn people has been embraced by men who, one step removed from the intense physiological experience of pregnancy, believe a simple termination is often the most economically and lifestyle-protection expedient choice. It suits patriarchal capitalism to turn every man woman and child into a cog in the capitalist machine, and abortion facilitates the whole overpriced mortgage great Australian nightmare. Further, motherhood under this sick system often comes with an expectation that you will hurry back to work, leaving babies and toddlers pining for parents with separation anxiety and over-structured lives starting so young. Mothers get used to it as they move away from their instinctive mammalian selves towards a version of motherhood where you are alienated from the products of your childbirth labour by forced separations and by the conditionality of their being allowed to live = the usual condition being that you marry and drop your identity when you change your name and become owned by your husband. They you get your own toy person – the baby – if you can afford it and hubby is ok with it. Or you use a surrogate’s body, paying well under what such a service is worth, as the last bastion against human commodification is removed.

    • I don’t think you were listening to The Anarchy Show yesterday unless you were listening to the restreaming on the 4zzz we site.

      We have not discussed abortion lately as far as I know. But in any case our stance would be PRO CHOICE.

      And always anti capitalist and anti fascist.

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