Is police brutality on the rise because of the LNP’s crack down on crime

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  1. Eva says:

    The police are fully supported by Newman’s government. The legislation endorses and amounts to state sanctioned harassment of sub cultures. The police investigate themselves, and unsurprisingly, any deviance is declared to be a minority. If Newman, Bleijie and Dempsey really want to prove they are getting tough on crime, and want to make Qld safer, they should charge the police involved in this incident under VLAD. All the elements are there.

  2. redly40 says:

    ha what a dumb the words “Nazi Jackboots” sound familiar to anyone?
    They want respect but treat the people like scum so the worm will turn, people will join forces and not be divided and conquered at all.
    With the advent of little cameras and phones they are under the most scrutiny they have ever been BUT they are acting like they always have here in qld, only now they don’t care about being filmed as they have MORE power and its gone to their heads.
    I say one day some-one will forget to take their meds and lose it and maybe go right off on em.
    Time will tell.

  3. Mouse says:

    I ride and have been on many poker/toy runs and tattoo show, i myself have tattoos and when my children are in fear of me not coming home from going on a nice weekend ride, not because of coming off my bike but from in their words “the police getting me and making up stupid laws to put me in gaol” it is sad. I taught them right from wrong,to stand up for yourself,not to judge a book by its cover, to always tell the truth and nothing will go wrong…basic morals but none of those are true any see fear in kids eyes of the police all because i ride a bike it so disheartening and wrong. It needs to be stopped for this and the next generation…

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