Refugees attacked as tensions escalate on Nauru and Manus

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  1. That’s why the government go to all this trouble to turn people against the refugees and fill their heads with hatred, so they’ll attack them. Immigration officers cant attack them themselves, so they get others to do the work for them.

    same thing happens in Israel. the government keep telling people the refugees are therer to steal their jobs, spread diseases, and rape their women. because of that, a few years ago an Israeli man attack a baby in her parent’s arms and stabbed her. She survived, but will suffer for the rest of her life from permanant damage.

    The baby’s father was taken to prison for being illegal, and when he asked who will care for his baby, the immigration guy told him to get a babysitter. Refugees are fleeing back to their countries, which is exactly what the government want. this serves the government/immigration purposes.

  2. Sure will remover immediately

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