So what can I say? I’m a feral anarchist just like the ones the Courier Mail warned you about. People like me plan to unleash a wave of destruction. no sorry make that waves of destruction across this fine nation during the G20 meeting in November.

Really though it’s capitalism and international organisations like the G20 who are undertaking most of the destructive activities.

As I point out in this article – Brisbane G20 Anarchy?

Also on this episode is subMedia’s latest It’s the End of the World and I feel Fine – Ferguson: Chronicle of an insurrection

And Murray Carew gives us the low down on Non Violent Communication aka Compassionate Communication



Also this great Anarchist action – Istanbul anarchists along other leftists, feminists, and ‘Gezi park types’ have managed to cross over into Syria and the northern town of Kobane which is currently threatened by ISIS.


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  1. Michael Jackson says:

    I love this show… Me and bubbles dance to your music all the time! Shaaaamon!!!

  2. Douglas Turnbull says:

    Does autonomousactionradio require financial donations?
    If so, I would like to assist on an infrequent basis.

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