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The Age of Democracy

Antimídia and Facção Fictícia present “The Age of Democracy,” a video and an article designed to stimulate debate on the origins of democratic voting, its limits and proposals for overcoming it and building a truly egalitarian and free world – a world where many worlds fit!

Rojava, Italy, Brisbane, with Love.

This show really is global. We have contributors and interviewees on most major continents. This show is an example our global footprint.  An Italian Subversion team member connected us with a man who had...

Refugee involved in resistance on Nauru Arrested

Nauruan police have arrested a 39-year-old Iranian asylum seeker, Hamid Nadaf, on trumped up charges of “threatening behaviour.” Hamid was arrested on Friday afternoon, 3 June, around 4pm, near the family compound RPC3, and...