C is for Conspiracy

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  1. Ryan Berg says:

    Hi my name is Ryan,
    Please dont put conpiracy theory and Alex Jones in the same sentence. Alex Jones is cointelpro, but useful for basics, EG – GMO is bad, aspartame, Monsanto, central Banks are private… Please for those of us that have been around a while,
    get some deeper topics. For instance , Max Igan, Santos Bonacci, Douglas Dietrich, maybe Clif High, Jay Weidner.
    Please consider the bigger picture instead of the spotfires. How about evidence of One World Government, within Codex Alimentarius, or UN Agenda 21, or the history of Fabian Socialism. The Vatican being the first corporation on this planet. There is more you guys need to sink your teeth into.All of which are on public records. Eugenics History? I am not asking you to believe in E.Ts
    Ryan Berg

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