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  1. anabraxas says:

    Cool radio show and site… especially exciting that it’s from down under.

    Though I can testify, being from Quebec, that Dupuis-Déri is not really a «real-life anarchist». Don’t get me wrong; I somewhat know the guy, met him a few times, I even got to his birthday parties, and aside from his public attitude of über-intellectual from a century ago he’s a fine chap, at least by northeast urban American standards, that aren’t much. He did one or two good thing lately. He published decent books and taught a lot on anarchist theory. He did made some good job at informing the public on the movement through mainstream media, especially against the usual disinfo, but he’s not an insurgent or militant or even a subversive.

    The fact is that he’s got a comfy, well-seated job at a liberal university in Montreal and I assume he wants to keep it, so don’t expect to see him go overboard and do any crazy @ntics… like taking part in a bank robbery, shooting cops, freeing prisoners with a chopper (what a non-anarchist guy did recently in Quebec, btw), opening an anarchist squat or looting supermarkets, he won’t be even making some shocking statements or barking at the cops, snitches and fascists on TV/radio. I would have liked him to stir up some shit through sheep media when he had the golden opportunity. So nothing to do with an Alfredo Bonanno, a Voltairine Decleyre or a Sean Swain. And as a matter of fact he never got his hands dirty with actual struggle, not at least since the ‘90s perhaps. Francis definitely is with the Zinn-Chomsky school of academic libertarianism, along with some others.

    That said, I really don’t want to make you look like fools with this. You didn’t know much about him before this interview I presume, so, meh… we all get to be ignorant of something sometime. I just wanna provide you with another version of the facts that shouldn’t be swept under the rug, unless you’d be okay promoting armchair anarchists as icons of the movement. We don’t want a new religion or any anarchist star system out of academics, no?

    Keep it up!

    • Hi…. he is an academic so I did figure he wasn’t too much of a militant however .. he is more of an anarchist than the academics the media here are getting to ‘explain’ the bloack bloc..

      And he is in no way being promoted as an icon…… he’s just a dude who wrote a book.

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