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The Indonesian anarchists prisoners were arrested on May Day

Trial Update on Indonesian Anarchist Prisoners!

The in an update on the trial of the Indonesian anarchist activists prisoners who were arrested in Yogyakarta. They were arrested when demonstrating in opposition to new Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) and anti-Sultan Ground / Pakualaman Ground and...


Bad Cop No Donut

What police misconduct have we uncovered BCND? A man was hospitalised after being shot in the shoulder by Perth police. According to Western Australia police, a police car drove up behind a stolen vehicle in...

Stop Gatton Women's Prison

No New Women’s Prison: Meg Rodaughan

On Monday September 3 newly formed group No Gatton Women’s Prison staged a small protest which aimed to bring the issue of women in prisons to the fore. Four women blocked the access road leading from Southern...